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A 360 degree complete guide on how to become a YouTube content creator.
Insights from Ankur Warikoo and his team that grew the channel from 7k subscribers to 2m+ subscribers in less than 2 years.

  •     20+ Hours of Content

  •    By Warikoo & Team

  •     Live Q&A Sessions     

  •     14-day Return Policy 

About the Course

You love YouTube videos. And now you’re considering starting your own YouTube channel. Or maybe you already have one.

This course will give you everything that goes into running and growing a YouTube channel, starting from:

Picking your niche as a content creator.
Scripting and designing your video, and NEVER running out of ideas.
Learning the secrets of consistency.
Growing your channel WITHOUT paid ads.
Mastering data and using it to grow your channel.
Monetizing your channel and effectively creating multiple sources of revenue.

All of this, while understanding...

YouTube as a science.
Not Virality. Not Luck.
Pure Science.

You put in the right inputs, and you INVARIABLY will get the right outputs!

What’s in the Course?

Understand YouTube as a platform

37 million+ channels, 800 million+ videos, 3 billion+ searches per month - why should YouTube even be your platform of choice as a creator?

Identify your Target Audience

How to know the right audience that needs your content the most, that would be most benefited by it, and the audience that you know you will be able to serve the best?
Remember, if your audience is everyone, your audience is no one!

Create a Content Engine

How do the best creators produce content consistently? Learn the secrets of high-quality, well-researched and steadily consistent videos. And apply that seamlessly to your channel!

Post-production & Branding

What are the must-haves for every piece of your content? What to look for while buying new gear? Learn the secrets of post-production, editing, channel art and thumbnail creation that your viewers cannot not fall in love with!

Package your Videos

Think of your video as a product. How to market your videos? How to carry out Keyword Research? How to make your videos stand out? How to make sure your viewers spend their time on it? What do you need to do and not need to do, to ensure your video gets shared more often?

Understand the Data that YouTube provides

Is YouTube all-luck or science? What all do you need to track on YouTube studio in order to measure your growth and subscribers?

Track your Performance 

CTR, RPM, AVD - too much jargon, not enough time! Which metrics should you actually be paying attention to, and which are white noise?

Growth Hacking Secrets

Warikoo reached 2 Million subscribers in 24 months after being stuck on 7,000 for the past 4 years. What changed? What didn’t? And the power of best practices that ensure this growth on your channel.

How to use YouTube as an Income Source

Some proven, some out of the box ways you can earn money via YouTube. And make it your full-time money-generating machinery.



🚀  You want to create content on YouTube.

🚀  You are just starting out on your YouTube journey - but are confused where to begin!

🚀  You have no idea how to figure out your niche as a content creator.

🚀  You struggle to generate content ideas or be consistent with your videos.

🚀  You want to reach out to a wider audience than your current base.

🚀  Your subscribers are not growing!

🚀  The YouTube algorithm acts like an unwanted enemy, instead of your best friend.

🚀  You want to make money through YouTube, and truly live a laptop lifestyle.

🚀  You want to run a YouTube channel as a side hustle or use it as a source of additional income.

Success Stories from the Course Students

Success Stories from the Founding Batch

The course in your words

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Listen directly from the horse’s mouth!
Sneak and unfiltered peek into what the YouTubers from
the Founding Batch of How to YouTube have to say about
their learnings from the course, and about the growth of
their YouTube channels.
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This course will help you...

📌  Figure out your niche as a content creator.

📌  Create content exclusively for YouTube.

📌 Edit videos to make your channel audience stay for longer.

📌 Make your video easily discoverable for the YouTube algorithm.

📌 Develop your content strategy and a content engine that actually works.

📌 Understand data and have fun with it - even if you HATE math. And also derive insights for further videos.

📌 Learn from other YouTube Creators.

📌  Figure out your target audience for YouTube.

📌 Best practices to grow your subscribers on YouTube.

📌  Leverage YouTube as a source of income - passive as well as full-time.

📌 Learn tested and proven practices to experiment with your content style and brand.

📌 Come up with a short-term and a long-term content strategy. Methodically plan for your brand on YouTube.


Live Q&A Sessions

Monthly Live Q&A sessions by Ankur Warikoo and the team to resolve your queries. 

Exclusive Workshops

Recreating a collaborative classroom experience through guest lectures, fire-side chats and other sessions hosted live. 

Creator Community

Get exclusive access to an app-based creator space and community sessions filled with a fun-based learning.

Course Upgrades

Gain additional future upgrades to bonus content, module lectures, webinars and other insights at large. 

Meet your Instructors

Ankur Warikoo

Ankur has been creating content on YouTube for the past 4 years, and grew from 7k subscribers to 8Mn+ subscribers in 24 months. Beyond YouTube, he has a following of 7Mn+ across all social media platforms.
Ankur has been creating content on YouTube for the past 4 years, and grew from 7k subscribers to 2Mn+ subscribers in 24 months. Beyond YouTube, he has a following of 7Mn+ across all social media platforms.
Gitanjali Jaggi - Team Lead
Based out of Bangalore, Gitanjali leads
the Brand warikoo YouTube team as well
as the content distribution for the YouTube channel.
Shaurya Shikhar - Data Analyst
A media consultant hailing from Patna, Shaurya studies the data that YouTube provides which is used to grow the brand.
Supriya Bhandari - Graphic Designer
Based out of Jodhpur, Supriya is responsible for the visual identity of
the brand, creates the thumbnails andthe notes for the YouTube videos.
Aditya Vora - Video Editor
Aditya is from Pune, and is the man behind the entire editing and post-production of every video for the Brand warikoo channel.
Nishtha Gehija - content MANAGER
Nishtha is from Kota and writes the YouTube descriptions and proofreads the content before it goes live on the channel.
Shivam Gupta - Audio Engineer
Shivam, a Music Producer and Audio Engineer from Kolkata, is responsible for the audio quality standards of the videos.


Basic Plan

Access to Complete Course Notes Material. Learn at your own pace.

₹ 1,299/-
Self-Paced Version

  • detailed course notes

 Standard Plan

Access to Complete Course Lectures and Material. Learn and Watch at your own pace.
₹ 1,699/-
Self-Paced Version

  • 20+ hours of RECORDED content

Premium Plan
(Best Value)

Access to Complete Course and Community Experience. Learn, Watch and Collaborate at your own pace.
₹ 1,999/-
Self-Paced Version


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the course come with a certificate of completion?

A Certificate of Completion towards the end and completion of the course.

Can only individual creators apply?

Both individuals and/or a group/team of a creator(s) working together can apply. However, the perks, if any and applicable will be limited to one person per channel.

What is the community experience in the Course?

You will be a part of an exclusive community platform, along with your fellow creators or learners, which will be created for the course. You will get access to events, meet ups, online webinars and various other fun filled learning activities.

I am not from India. Can I also apply to the course?

The course will comprise of content in English and Hindi, along with English subtitles. The primary language will be in English but there may be some discussions or banter in Hindi.

How can I clear my doubts during the course, if I have any?

The premium version of the course will consist of regular Live Q&A sessions with all the instructors to make sure all your queries are answered. Nonetheless you can drop an email on [email protected] and we'll get back to you as suitable.

How long will it take to get access of the course?

Your credentials to access the course will be delivered to your inbox within 5-10 minutes of your purchase. Please check your promotions/updates tab and spam folder as well. The email will come from [email protected].

Can I cancel my course purchase if I don’t like it? Will I get a refund?

Yes! You can cancel your course within 14 days if you don’t like it. We don’t want your money if you are unhappy with the course. 
You can mail us at [email protected] & we’ll cancel and refund your money within hours. No awkward questions asked :)

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